Thursday, July 29, 2010

2 Baja Fish Tacos and 2 Shredded Beef with a Mistah Pibb

SDCC was a blast this year. Matt again generously shared the booth with super talented artists from around the world. Dark Santa makes it happen. Marc and Megan held the fort. We enjoyed checking out tons of toys and art. We met a whole bunch of cool people and ate a mountain of fish tacos and bacon double cheeseburgers. Fig Lab's Global Figure Symposium Crossover was a huge success. There were new pairings of artist crossovers every couple of hours. There was so much to see and take in! The collab with Ayako and I was great- beauty and the beast. We have a few projects lined up. Vectar showed up and nearly got us all thrown out of the place. He took over the booth and hustled a bunch of exclusives including the Delic 'Grimsuck figures. (Onell vs Suckadelic vs Rawshark) I had a blast hanging with everyone. Some really great people are into this stuff. The best part of the con for me by far was when Mori (Real x Head) unleashed the (sort of surprise) Callgrim vinyl big boy... It truly brought a tear to my eye. Mori is the master. He is a Samurai.


Neil said...

Looks like you all had a blast Jessie, The Rawshark x RxH Callgrim is amazing hope your ready for madness and frenzy when you release that badboy

such great pics here and at the Glyos blog, they just make me super jealous that I couldnt come over and take part in the fun, maybe one day I'll make it over ther in someones suitcase :)

Ghost Target said...

Will you be releasing your Art book for sale?