Monday, October 3, 2011

1.339 billion + 2

I was let into China again this year despite my visa pic. I trimmed up the beard a bit as to look a little less homicidal. Paul generously hooked us up with palatial accommodations just a hop skip and a jump away from Glyos Central. We were quite a sight where ever we went- bearded giant and bearded dwarf... Treebeard and Gimli...

We spent our days in China working like pigs in the paint factory and our nights eating like pigs all over town. I am not sure if I could identify all of the different animals I ate- there was a lot- all delish. I gained 10 pounds.

It was great seeing the crew again. They do such amazing work on all of our crazy little projects. I was super happy to finally pull the trigger on the next Callgrim project. I am putting these guys through hell a bit- but if anyone can pull it off... these guys can.

I am still a fumble fuck with chopsticks.


Pj said...

Hahaha! Nice pics from china man! That last part made me laugh out loud

Starscream said...

What's in the water? It looks ominous.

krakit said...

Thanks for sharing the cool
photos with us, Jesse. I've
never met Matt so is the
first photo showing us how
tall Matt is or how small
Chinese buses are... or both?

Treebeard and Gimli Ha ha ha
that's great :D

Cappy said...

I know these are work trips, but you guys must have a blast doing them!
And -- woah -- do a I spot a soda can with an actual pull-tab? Now there's a throwback to my younger days. Thanks for sharing.

Jesse said...

Crocs in the cage-Matt is tall...6' 12".