Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays!

  Happy Holidays! Santa was good to the Moore clan- I hope he was good to you!
  I must say that this grand experiment that was the DRT WARP Bike wave went well thanks to everyone that participated. It was a risky one- but I think the risk was worth it! I will definitely be doing more DRT stuff in the future... and boxes. I had a blast doing the boxes. I am so glad that people appreciated the extra bells and whistles... I give deep heartfelt thanks to all of you guys for the support and kind words that help drive me to do this stuff. You guys also have the patience of saints. I know it takes a while for me to get shipping notices out- I know I am a slow poke. Blame stress- OCD and AADD and ODD...   
  2011 was a very successful year for Callgrim. We tried some new things this year that will sort of set the stage for 2012. There are some cool things in the works that I hope you guys will dig... and some weird twists. The fan support is a huge part of what allows for stuff to get done. I am so grateful that I can continue to do this.
   Matt is an amazing friend... the best. He is not only responsible for bringing us Glyos- but he has allowed a clown like me to romp in this world with Callgrim and his pals. 2012 will be a big year for Callgrim... more romping... more pals. Thanks brother!


eatyourchildren said...

Keep up the great work Jesse. The Warp Bike's were some of my favorite pieces from 2011 and I'm really looking forward to what you have up your sleeve for 2012.

(fingers crossed for clear DIY warp bikes)

Mark said...

You make Callgrim one bad-ass dude and I look forward to my 2nd year of drops. And they'll have to pry my Warp Bike from my cold dead hands cause I don't sell :P Thanks Jesse.

KAL said...

Finally i buy one, they are amazing and the packaging is fantastic, an addition that give at bike the right visibility.
I hope you make custom corps for the next year, for me is hard buy them, becous in italy the time is different, but i try.
Love your work.

Cappy said...

"2012 will be a big year for Callgrim... more romping... more pals."
This, yes please to the new pals. Got me on the edge of excitement for 2012, Jesse.
And thanks to you for all you do.

Redmao said...

Speaking of new pals, you can count me in.
Jesse, your work is awesome.