Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thank ye Lads and Lasses!

Thanks so much to everyone that participated in making this another successful launch for ol' Skullface. You guys are the best! I must thank Marc, Paul and Matt again... but especially Matt- who was cooked and hallucinating with fever. He waded through wet sickness to get it done- Thanks man! You are a machine!

I went over to Matt's after the germ cloud cleared to work on the next secret DRT beef bomb... This one may end me!

PJ and Drew have been recruited to help package things up. I love those guys. Look for shipping notices toward the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

Awesome drop, now I just need to get some money together to buy some of them. :-/

And I see the littlest Doughty decorated your face, adorable. ^__^

Redmao said...

It's a fantastic drop and I can't wait to play with my new figures.

As for your next DRT project, you must survive it man, we need more Skull face adventures.


That Cece is adorable and cleaver to boot! Jesse, I think she improved your image immensely! So what's in the FedEx package kid? Open it, snap photos and show us...hahaha

Tell PJ & Drew to get busy already...MJ's waiting... ;)

Can't wait to see your next DRT & other goodies!


Dex Antares said...

Looks like my Spectre 'Grim is arriving Monday! Can't wait :D

Mark said...

Got my notice :P Gonna be a great week for the mailman, he always knows when I've got a box coming... start stalking gov. worker soon !!!

DonaldHelloStudio said...

lol, that pic makes me miss CC hard! What a little devil!