Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hostile Takeover

The new ranks are ready to roll! Refresh the shop, media, and gallery sections. New colors, the first Callgrim game and a new prisoner are waiting for you to check out!

Big thanks to the boys for all the combined efforts to pull this together, it was fun to do something with a twist.

I hope you guys like the latest assortment and have fun blowing those Altervoth minions away!
Thanks for all the support and I hope to see some of you at SDCC!

Edit: If you're having trouble with the game, click here to collect your prisoner...


JediCreeper said...

awesome... just awesome.. I love your art mixed with the 8-bit!

and I love the Hollow creature!

Ghost Target said...

Another great release & a great addition to the Glyaxia game/ storyline. I ordered what I could, but I'm going to place another order for more figures.

I love the Orange/ Blue Callgrim Dominus color combo Jesse, now talk to Matt about releasing a Pheyden in those colors !
(This guy right here:

And the Triton Callgrim colors rock too.

idlechimp said...

whew, got the LORCASSIC COMMANDO just in time!

R. said...

This is a mighty awesome selection you've offered-up, Jesse! I might have to wait a bit before I can pick-up a few of my own, but the choice is mighty tough...

Good luck with this wave!