Sunday, June 27, 2010


The next wave of Callgrim figures will be available this week! We are on track to launch this Tuesday night, but we'll post an exact time before then. There will be a bunch of new figures, plus a few accessories. Also get ready for Callgrim's first interactive adventure as the skullface invades the next installment of the Passcode!


Ghost Target said...

I'm loving the red glow Callgrim/Order. I'm going to be broke when I order all the figures.

krakit said...

WooHoo! More Callgrim
goodness in the summer
time. What a hot time
to be collecting cool

idlechimp said...

Looks like some good Skeletor colors in this batch!

Cappy said...

Red glow! Sweet. And Callgrim in the passcode? That storyline just gets better and better. Speaking of such: Jesse, Marcus, will you please be sure to archive the movie from the last drop somewhere (assuming you change the home page). I still watch that.