Sunday, January 23, 2011


The Order rose from the ashes under the leadership of Callgrim, who resurrected their ancient tenets after a chance discovery he made on Planet Blattaria. To secure the reborn Order's interests throughout Glyos, Callgrim dispatched the ruthless Vhorren Guard from New Stronghold Blattaria. Under the command of Callgrim's best and most loyal missionaries, Zayre and Riac, the Vhorren Guard continued what was begun on the ancient world of Vhorren-Vy. Peace through Order... by any means necessary.

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R. said...

Wow. So the Order are a bunch of zealous mercenaries, or mercenary zealots, operating under a pseudo-religious doctrine, and intermittently led by the Glyos System's resident crazed badass bounty hunter?

Why do I get the feeling that something is going to eventually go wrong with such a plan?