Thursday, August 6, 2009

Con Recap

I am still recovering from SDCC. It was amazing- thanks to everyone who stopped by the table. I had a blast talking to a ton of Glyos fans. What a creative bunch you guys are! Matt rarely left the table- watching him work is inspirational. The debut of Armodoc was a huge success! Oh the things to come...

Don managed The Global Figure Symposium like a machine. So many great artists were represented. Thanks Don, Mori and Ayako for being such wonderful booth-mates. It was great having the likes of Dead Presidents, Sucklord and Vectar, Paul Kaiju, Monster Hero, L'amour and Mishka show off their talents at our table. There were so many cross overs and collabs... (Real Head and Onell!) We'll have to do this again- Special thanks to Dr. Kent and Megan- You are a great right hand man and left hand woman.

Callgrim's debut at SDCC was also a great success and he was well received. Callgrim and The Order will be available online soon. I am excited to see what creations, configurations and customs people will come up with using these guys. GUNS.