Friday, July 29, 2011


I almost pulled it off! Some stuff got out before SDCC... the rest is being boxed up now. Look for shipping notices tonight.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Thank You!!

Thank you so much to everyone that participated! I am mentally and physically exhausted, excited and relieved. I know these guys will find wonderful new homes. I'll be packing them up and sending them off on their new adventures as soon as I recover. I want to give extra special thanks to Marc and Matt again... as usual, they have been instrumental in the success of all Callgrim related ventures. This one in particular was a doozy. I also want to thank my crew Grilo, PJ, and Drew. We'll leave the CCC1 Book up until Monday. I've already started the next Callgrim Custom Corps... so look for it in the next three years.

Callgrim Custom Corps 1 is Live!

Tonight 9pm

Callgrim Custom Corps 1 drops tonight (July 7th) at 9pm EDT. There will be a new post here with a link to purchase the figures- $40 each, limit 2 per customer. A new Callgrim art book with over 50+ pages featuring the custom insert card art for CCC1 will also be available for $20. Thank you everyone for your support and positive feedback. As much as it saddens me to let these go, I am equally excited to share them with you guys.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

MOTU Squad

Callgrim Custom Corps 1 drops tomorrow, Friday July 8th @ 9PM EDT!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Frontier Hunters and the Primus Squad

CCC1 Cards Continued

Don't worry... no underwear was used (or worn) for the making of these cards.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


In a last ditch attempt to take Blattaria, Riac unleashes his mercenary hordes against Callgrim and his Vhorren Guard. Let the battle begin...

The Callgrim Custom Corps 1 is ready to roll! Thanks everyone for your patience during a very long wait. It took a while for me to get my shit together- but together my shit now is. This thing has evolved and gone through so many changes along the way. I wanted to make sure that the first Callgrim Custom Corps was a good one. I am finally happy with it as a complete body of work. It is finally ready.

I set some challenging parameters for myself along the way... I wanted to stick with builds made strictly with parts from the Callgrim store. l wanted to have all hand painted dudes with a few soft capes, scarves and cloaks mixed in. Some of the soft goods are screen printed. I sacrificed a bunch of my favorite tees and a few pairs of underwear to the cause. I put a ton of blood, sweat, tears and other fluids into this beast... I hope you guys dig it. Each figure comes with at least as many parts as comes with a complete Callgrim... sometimes more. Each figure also comes with a hand painted card.

So here's the deal- This week, Friday July 8th at 9:00pm EDT... Callgrim Custom Corps 1.