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Enemy Allies

You can find this piece in the upcoming Banimon issue #3, hitting the streets very soon. Here's a synopsis from the artist, writer and good friend Boris himself: "The new Banimon Game is bigger and badder than ever - this time featuring an all-out giant robot deathmatch in the 500,000-seat Banisseum, but even an event of such epic proportions gets relegated to an undercard when a revolution shakes the Planet Banimon to its core. With the fires of the new ideology spreading fast, will awesome, destructive power of the magic mushroom Banimon finally be unleashed? Banimon issue #3 has all the answers and more..."

Lots of new things in the works, stay tuned to see and hear Callgrim in a whole new way...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hades & Cerberus

New Custom Corps launches tomorrow at Onell Design!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Some of my artwork will be featured in the Sucklord's newest release!
Check it out:

In affiliation with SIDEKICK LAB, the Super SUCKLORD has designed an exciting new series of collectable, limited edition trading cards called SUCKPAX.

The first series features one-of-a-kind artist sketch cards, customized cards, and a chance to find the unique GOLDEN TICKET redeemable for an exclusive Suckadelic custom figure! Get em now!

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There was a bathroom emergency on the way to the hotel one night. We skidded to the side of the road because I have a squirrel bladder. Thankfully, I didn't have to spend time in a Chinese prison for indecent exposure. Matt and the carful of Chinese dudes we were traveling with were careful not to draw attention to me as cars roared by. They were cheering me on as I discreetly peed along side the highway, and were kind enough to shine the high beams on me so I could see what I was doing. The horn was beeped a few times so I could find my way back to the car... and Matt was also kind enough to document the whole thing with his camera. Awesome.

Overseas Pt. 1

Thanks to everyone that made the latest wave of Callgrims a success. There are still a few left. I had way more available this time around, but I am getting low. I am hard at work on the next batch- Matt and I ripped it up overseas. Here are a few words & pics from our trip to China...

I am back and in one piece- Asia was fantastic. I managed to dodge the gut bug that took down big Matt. I ate everything in sight- including pigeon heads and moon cakes. I actually gained 18 pounds. I think I now weigh more than Matt... The visit to China was like a trip to another planet. Special thanks to Paul our gracious host and guide - he truly is the Tony Soprano of southern China. Matt and I were treated like kings.

The highlight of the trip for me was seeing where Callgrim was physically born- I saw the steel itself. I didn't realize how big and heavy the pieces are. Cranes are needed to move the things around the shop. The Callgrim steel was laid out for me when we got to the factory. Seeing the steel in person was huge. I have a much better understanding of the processes involved in making Callgrim.

I was honored to meet the engineer who cut the steel and Keen, Paul's Lobot and operations manager. Keen was the best- he was always there to load my plate with his skillfully wielded chopsticks as I fumbled tard-like with mine. He was always armed with a Coke or water- Matt and I were never thirsty. I don't think I opened a single door, car or otherwise while I was in China. Keen is that fast...

The folks at the plush factory were fantastic, too. They were putting together sock monkeys while we were there. I was lucky enough to score one for my youngest boy. He loves those things. Everyone was so generous. It was there that I ate my fill of moon cakes.

The paint factory was amazing and only slightly more smelly than a screen printing shop. The fumes are what get to you- A wide open factory floor with fans keeps the air moving and the working conditions safe. So Matt and I decided to paint our stuff in a tiny closed room with no air circulation. We like to live on the edge. We experimented for a couple of days on a few things- again- we learned a ton.

The vinyl guys were great as well. Seeing the Armodoc molds inspired me to fast-track the Callgrim vinyls...

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Store Launched!

PLEASE NOTE: Our shop is now at! We are closing the BigCartel site. T-shirts, comics, and more will be coming soon to the new shop.

Two new figures, Spectre Callgrim and The Stealth Order, are available now in our new shop! Get them at before they vanish! Each figure is 3.5" tall, has 27 separate parts and is made of super durable PVC plastic. And as always, parts are completely interchangeable with all Glyos System Series figures.

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Wave 2 is coming...

Callgrim GITD and clear Order will be available Friday!

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Callgrim is Here!

I thought this day might never come... Callgrim and The Order are now available in the shop! I had to get a few things done before Callgrim's online debut. The con was a big deal...I camped out at Matt's for a few days to help with his giant launch... Sucklord had me do a few things... but now...Callgrim is finally ready to go! This is truly a dream come true for me. I'm sorry it took so long! Thanks to everyone for hanging in there and bearing with me. I hope that Callgrim proves to be a worthy contribution to the Glyos System. Matt has set the bar pretty high.

Thanks to Matt, Marc, Ron and Paul for making this happen. It ain't no easy task... Matt just makes it look easy. Special thanks to my crew at home- Maeve, Ciar and Lorcan. We do this together.

This is just the beginning for Callgrim. There are collaborations, new figures and tons of art in the works. I'm ready...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Delic Grimsuck

Delic Grimsuck is a ruthless mercenary. He joined the Rippers, a notorious gang of intergalactic outlaws. Delic fought his way through the ranks to become Boss. The Rippers now wreak havoc under his command, and Delic and his gang are feared in every corner of the galaxy.

Thanks to the Sucklord for including me in the SUPER-SUCKOFF ROUND 2. Special thanks to Matt and Lorcan for their help with converting the Sucklord 600 figure into the Suck Hog.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Con Recap

I am still recovering from SDCC. It was amazing- thanks to everyone who stopped by the table. I had a blast talking to a ton of Glyos fans. What a creative bunch you guys are! Matt rarely left the table- watching him work is inspirational. The debut of Armodoc was a huge success! Oh the things to come...

Don managed The Global Figure Symposium like a machine. So many great artists were represented. Thanks Don, Mori and Ayako for being such wonderful booth-mates. It was great having the likes of Dead Presidents, Sucklord and Vectar, Paul Kaiju, Monster Hero, L'amour and Mishka show off their talents at our table. There were so many cross overs and collabs... (Real Head and Onell!) We'll have to do this again- Special thanks to Dr. Kent and Megan- You are a great right hand man and left hand woman.

Callgrim's debut at SDCC was also a great success and he was well received. Callgrim and The Order will be available online soon. I am excited to see what creations, configurations and customs people will come up with using these guys. GUNS.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SDCC 09 Booth #4937

Callgrim is debuting at SDCC! RawShark Studios is excited to release our first set of exclusive figures, Callgrim and The Order (see below)! These will be available at our booth (#4937) where we are part of the Global Figure Symposium. Check out the press release below, and be sure to stop by and for the latest. Callgrim will be available world wide shortly after the Con. Stay tuned!

PRESS: The GLOBAL FIGURE SYMPOSIUM will be a 5-day session with a variety of panels and presentations. GSF2009 is graciously hosted by Onell Design and Callgrim at the San Diego Convention Center (SDCC#4937) . Don 'Datadub' Kratzer - Director of the International Figure Research Laboratory - will be giving the keynote and holding daily morning sessions on recent trends in figure culture from the far east. Afternoon sessions will feature many illustrious guest speakers and special exhibit. The final day will be an open day workshop to recap everything that was covered during the Symposium.

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Space Stannic

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'Grim Guard