Thursday, May 27, 2010


Killgrim is a fusion of Callgrim parts, the KiLL Flatty Phantom of the Flatwoods toy and some of the descriptions reported of the Flatwoods alien. The head sculpt is a fusion of the look of the standard Grey and Callgrim.

I imagine this dude hangs out in the woods near my house. There were a bunch of UFO sightings here a while back. I thought it would be cool if Callgrim were responsible. Killgrim is one of two survivors of a botched invasion. Killgrim lurks in the wooded Nike Site while his fellow survivor lurks the woods of Braxton. They have been here for some time knowing that Callgrim will eventually come back to take care of unfinished business. Ron the Master Mold Maker and his brother Ed the Master Screen Printer both grew up at the base of the Nike Site... UFO sightings... I'm just saying...

Thanks to KiLL for having me be a part of the show!

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