Thursday, January 5, 2012


  I have a battle plan for 2012. There will be a number of launches that will feature some new approaches to things. There will be more bigger boxed items put together pretty much the same way as the DRT WARP Bikes. There will be DRT ( deluxe real type) figures, DX (deluxe painted) figures , classic painted, clears and glows. There will be plenty of bikes over the next few months...and other big baddies to take on the likes of the big rig. Matt and I have a bunch of intertwining stories in the works. Expect a bunch of crossovers and CCC3. I am going to try  to hustle some Callgrim tees as well...Maybe do some squeegie yanking with Boris.
    Prices on things will be dictated by how much I put into each project. I am amazed at how successful I am at finding new and inventive ways of losing money. I try not to make it too painful on the wallet for you guys despite my costly creative self indulgences... or bells and whistles. I sleep easy at night knowing that you can get piles of stuff cheap over with the Beard Lord. Don't worry- I will still sprinkle a few classic style $10 releases in this year.
    2011 was a successful year for Callgrim. Successful in that it gimps along at a break even pace- enough for me to continue doing it without getting thrown out of the house... for now. The Holding Cell will be a major feature of the 2012 approach to bringing you new things. Some people will dig what I do here- others will hate it. I will use the Holding Cell to do mini launches, one of a kind customs and other weird shit. There will be little if any notice on what's going on there- so keep checking in. I have to be a mercenary here- Callgrim needs more pals to roll with and steel is not cheap.
2012 will be a doozie... Big launches, little launches- new stuff, old stuff- Holding Cell madness and more- Glow-Bones! Glow-Bones! Glow-Bones!