Friday, April 27, 2012

The Wraith

The Barracks have been refreshed! There are a few new things in the Shop, including new T-shirts, plus updates to the Codex (be sure to refresh each page). Special thanks to Matt, Marcus, Ciar, Lorcan, PJ and Paul for helping put this nasty beast together.

Umbra Wraith Death Squad


Above is the limited edition tee available tonight exclusively with the Wraith (top pic). There will be a couple other shirts in the store as well. Don't worry, these ones are clean...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dirty Details

This launch will include a few big ticket items. Some wallets will be beat to shit after this one. I just had to take the DRT thing a step further. The DRT WARP bikes and figures opened up the flood gates of creativity in me. I am loving that I have the freedom to present Callgrim to you guys the way that I want to - the way that I need to. I must say that this was a daunting task from the get go. I've always been an "Aw fuck it- let's do this" type of guy... this project is most definitely an "Aw fuck it- let's do this" type of project. Paul and the crew pulled it off again. Expect more projects like this in the future.

This Friday:

DRT Wraith
These bad boys are full production 16 piece vinyl with a 30 piece pvc arm gun cannon attachment on each arm. Each limited edition Wraith has multiple Deluxe Real Type paint applications. The Wraith also comes with a hand weathered 2 piece screen printed cloak. The figure will be packed in a special screen printed box. There will be an exclusive limited edition tee shirt packed in there and maybe some other bells and whistles too. ( Be sure to supply preferred tee shirt size at check out.)

DRT Hexxer
Hexxer comes with 2 WARP packs configured as a WARP flight pack, rifle and 2 blasters. There are 2 Callgrim heads and 2 Order heads. Hexxer has 38 pvc pieces in all with multiple Deluxe Real Type paint applications. Hexxer features the most complex paint applications on a Glyos figure to date. The figure will be packed in a screen printed box.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Launch this Friday, April 27th at 9PM EDT. Details to follow in the AM.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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