Friday, October 16, 2009

New Store Launched!

PLEASE NOTE: Our shop is now at! We are closing the BigCartel site. T-shirts, comics, and more will be coming soon to the new shop.

Two new figures, Spectre Callgrim and The Stealth Order, are available now in our new shop! Get them at before they vanish! Each figure is 3.5" tall, has 27 separate parts and is made of super durable PVC plastic. And as always, parts are completely interchangeable with all Glyos System Series figures.


Nathan said...

I missed out on the last wave, but I was frosty enough to manage to order this one. I love the skeletal look of that GITD Callgrim. Just awesome!

R. said...

Actually [i]had[/i] to get the GitD version this time, because Callgrim looks too good in it.

But please, feel free to take some time before the next wave launches. My bank account would appreciate it, heh!

KiLL! said...

ordered me some! i cant wait to get em!

krakit said...

Cool looking toys!
I missed the first
wave so I'm hoping
there will a rerelease
of the black/grey
Callgrim and Order
figures. (Please!)

Looking forward to
seeing these new
figures in my mailbox.