Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Delic Grimsuck

Delic Grimsuck is a ruthless mercenary. He joined the Rippers, a notorious gang of intergalactic outlaws. Delic fought his way through the ranks to become Boss. The Rippers now wreak havoc under his command, and Delic and his gang are feared in every corner of the galaxy.

Thanks to the Sucklord for including me in the SUPER-SUCKOFF ROUND 2. Special thanks to Matt and Lorcan for their help with converting the Sucklord 600 figure into the Suck Hog.


idlechimp said...

Holy Crap dude!! I love it!!
You knocked it out and brought it home with this one!!

Super_Sandbagger said...

That's Great! I love it,nice job!

R. said...

Mother of god.

That is sickness defined.

Psionic said...

Very NIIIICE!!! I love this custom! That new head sculpt is DOPE! Those Callgrim parts seem to come in very handy.

Paulkaiju said...

Great work Jesse!