Friday, July 29, 2011


I almost pulled it off! Some stuff got out before SDCC... the rest is being boxed up now. Look for shipping notices tonight.


EDcomics said...

How many cards are in that pile? Also, roughly how long does it take you to complete one card or painting?

redJar said...

Huzzah! That little peek of the Callgrim with the red face and mouth looks great.

SpyMonkeyCreations said...

Hell yeah bro!!! Can't wait!

It was awesome hanging out at SDCC!!!

Burgers, Corn on a Stick and Fudge... And Brown Sauce.


Doc said...

Just got mine today. #95. All I can say is, I'm very disappointed, because you can't possibly be charging enough for all the work you put into these! The figure alone is awe-inspiring, but the card, wow. Most excellent work Jesse. Next CC I'm being greedy and grabbing TWO!

Mine suffered a little damage in shipping, but I was able to get him back together in no time.

Truly beautiful work, thank you very, very much. He's got his own shelf in the display case!

JediCreeper said...

I got mine today! 20 and 42.. 42.. the answer to life, the universe and everything! and also a green mandalorian-ish order

the other is one of the red and black guys with the mouth painted on the helmet.. also the order

love them.. insane.. I got the book too, and just seeing all these paintings... they're insane

and I love the printing on the capes... I wish I could have gotten more than two