Friday, July 8, 2011

Tonight 9pm

Callgrim Custom Corps 1 drops tonight (July 7th) at 9pm EDT. There will be a new post here with a link to purchase the figures- $40 each, limit 2 per customer. A new Callgrim art book with over 50+ pages featuring the custom insert card art for CCC1 will also be available for $20. Thank you everyone for your support and positive feedback. As much as it saddens me to let these go, I am equally excited to share them with you guys.


JediCreeper said...

YOU MADE CALLGRIM SMURFS?! that's equally brilliant and soul-shatteringly awful... I'm going to hope and pray I can get in on time to get a couple... and the book...

good thing I sort of have the money (food isn't important right?)


I didn't know anyone could make a smurf so my friend have done it!!! Those are SICK!

Art Book??? Gotta have one of those 4 sure!

The TF's are INCREDIBLE and the MOTU are off the friggin' charts!!!

MJ and I are dyin'!!! Can't wait for 2nite!


Seraph2011 said...

This looks like the best, most varied, most detailed and inspired CC yet!! Amazing work man! Can't wait!

Doc said...

Glow glow glow!

James Chillcott said...

Um, whoever ends up with that Shockwave custom needs to contact me...I will make it well worth their while.

Great release Jesse!