Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gearing Up

Another successful mission! I give special thanks to the Glyos community for it's continued support. You guys are great. Callgrim is feeling the love! I also have to give thanks to Matt and Marcus for going way above and beyond on this one. Callgrim's first passcode was very well received. Callgrim badassery abound...

Orders start shipping next week. More cool stuff in the works! Collabs... CCC?


Cappy said...

And nice rendering of Solaris!

R. said...

Seconded on the Solaris bit.

CCC? Why yes. That would be awesome.

Ghost Target said...

CCC, sounds great. 3rd on the Solaris painting

krakit said...

I hope this is the artwork
printed on the card that
comes with the Solaris
figure :D