Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grilled Cowboy

Our trip to China this year was crazy good and super informative. Paul is a gracious host and a true friend. We had a great time at work and play. We worked hard and rewarded ourselves with the delicious local cuisine. I just can't get over how great the food is over there! I tried tons of new things (Matt ate mostly plain white rice because he is a food baby).

We spent a great deal of our time in China hanging and working with the folks at Glyos Command. The crew there is crazy talented! It is a small intimate and dedicated group. One of the painters can rock five brushes at a time! We were able to thank each artist personally for putting our toys together. I was able to check in on the progress with the next giant Callgrim launch and see some sneak peeks of some of our dearest friends latest projects. Everything this team does is top quality!

The highlight of the trip to China for both Matt and I for sure, was sitting down to a Glyos Family dinner with the crew to share in the feast that the main man (Lobot) Keen prepared for all of us. That guy is a master chef!

The trip was very productive. New projects were discussed and plans set in motion. We learned a ton (Matt learned maybe a little too much... he witnessed that I do indeed shit naked whenever possible or practical).

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