Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vhorren Guard

From the records of the Second Order:

"Rebellion was in the air on the lost world of Vhorren-Vy. In one bold strategic move, the heavily outnumbered Vhorren Guard vanquished the oppressive armies of the Gennan Kings in the Vhorren-Vy Uprising. With the Dual Kings overthrown, civil unrest was quelled and order restored."

The Vhorren Guard now serve under Zayre in the Third Order.


DonaldHelloStudio said...

"DUAL KINGS" sounds pretty promising! Can't wai to see what's up in the shop tomorrow!
Bold art, Master Moore!


Lovin' the work Jesse!


Starscream said...

It's cool we're getting most of the story but am I supposed to be clear on which Order is opposition to Callgrim? Cool stuff though and I very much look forward to having this in my collection. Rock on!