Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thank You!

 Thank you so much to everyone that participated in making this another successful Callgrim launch!
I noticed that there are a bunch of new lads and lasses this time around as well- and to you I say welcome! To everyone else- welcome back and thanks again! Note to the new guys: Don't expect any shipping notices right away. It usually takes me at least two weeks from the launch night before I get my shit together. Yes- I know that if this was one of Matt's launches, most of you would have shipping notices already and some would have stuff in hands by now... he is that good... he is also taller and much more handsome than me.
 Special thanks as usual to the wizard Marcus for putting up with me. Super special thanks to Matt for everything he does for all of us.


Seraph2011 said...

Thank you brotha! Even more awesome than the drop was all your art you shared with us. Amazing as usual. -Connor

AcroRay said...

I was so happy to see more Calgrims, especially in more.. ah... conventional colors.

And all the art was fantastic! You should do small prints or a postcard portfolio or something.

JediCreeper said...

aw... you know it isn't a proper callgrim launch without delays... luckily, it's all worth waiting for.

these are amazing colorways, love the hades style and voss and the badass arm tampo!

EDcomics said...

I'm really looking forward to the metallic Callgrims. Do you have any new characters in the works? A female perhaps?