Friday, February 24, 2012

Callgrim Henshin Wave

Stealth mode sneak attack! Go!
The Barracks have been refreshed! There are a few new things in the Shop, plus updates in the Media section including a new Codex page (be sure to refresh each page). Special thanks to Matt, Marcus and Paul for helping put this quickie launch together.


Pj said...

Love the facelift! Handsome!

Mark said...

DAMN !!! GITD Warp Bike... didn't see that coming. SO glad my taxes came yesterday so I could pick-up these :P


GITD Warp Bike, heck ya! MJ will flip out (at his mom's tonight...not sure he has seen it yet)! Had to have a MK II rider to go w/ it of course. Snagged the other great Henshin Callgrims for him as well...can't wait to do a Henshin Order Eternal build.

I do wish you would have had Henshin clear green though (my favorite color)...

Any chance you will do a Voss Callgrim maybe w/ a matching bike? Infection red Callgrim w/ a matching bike would be sick too!

This was a nice sized drop bro, thanx!


Redmao said...

Cool drop.
I can't wait to play with what I ordered.

Dex Antares said...

I had to pass up the Warp Bike for now ;w; Ah, well. That Callgrim Spectre will be helpful for some build I got goin'.