Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Heart NY, OSM and the Four Hoursemen's Futuretro Show

   I cried salty tears into my beard after the Super Bowl and wanted nothing to do with NY for a few days... but I came around. I took my older boy Ciaran to NYC for the Four Horsemen's Futuretro show. Lorcan stayed home and held the fort...too young for these kinds of shenanigans. The show was a mind blowing sensory overload of great sculptures, crazy art and customs and OSM stuff to die for. The showroom was crowded with awesome people. Those Horsemen fellas are gifted mutants. Mel is a gifted mutant. He and I share a love of big hipped women.
   My kid kept up the pace like a trooper- gooble gobble- one of us, one of us... We conquered the city. Grilo was a great body guard. What a motley crew. We had an amazing adventure that took us from Matt's to Mel's, Mass to NYC, from the New Yorker to the Village, Times Square and beyond. It was Ciar's first time in the Big City. We rode in cars, cabs and subways. I almost committed two homicides. Grilo paid $100 for bacon and eggs on 5th Avenue. We saw a man shitting into a suitcase. We saw a ton of delis and peepshows. We went to half a dozen comic shops and toy stores...we saw a ferris wheel in a T-Riggity. Toy Tokyo was the best.
   The funnest part of the trip was hanging with all of the Glyos clowns in the Village during another food crawl. What a great bunch of dudes. I love breaking bread with friends and loved ones. It was great hanging with Mel while he held court over fried hot dogs wrapped in bacon at Crif Dogs... We chowed spiced meat logs at Tuck's, ate piles of 'zza at Matt's favorite pizza place on the planet. We gobbled gay frozen yogurt, ate 16 Scoops (1lb) and more pizza at Stromboli's. Why are there no kinish carts in Boston?
   Ciar had a blast- I had a blast and was extra happy to have shared this experience with my boy. The kid has to work on his beard though... Oh yeah- There is a Callgrim drop on Friday...


Dex Antares said...

There was a point in the evening when I turned to Vic and said "if we sat Jesse at a street corner with a cup, he'd go back to Boston with a poor man's fortune in change." I swear, moments later, I overheard you saying something remarkably similar!


Awesome times in NY/NY bro...having MJ w/ me in MA and NY last fall was some seriously fun father and son times w/ great friends...hope I can do it again w/ Kobe next time.

Great to see you got to bring Ciaran w/ ya...hope your boys can come to NYCC next time I come. You have some great sons and I wish MJ could have spent more time w/ them. I can just invision our 4 sons tearin' up NYCC (little con-rats) all that is a vision!!!

btw, MJ can't wait for your next Callgrim drop! Can't wait to see what goodies you have rollin' out bro!

eric said...

awesome all around,
ccc drop or stock drop, im gonna be late to the drop :( so i hope i don't miss out on everything

Redmao said...

Standing by for the next drop.

Anonymous said...

I had a great time on our food crawl aswell, got some time to chat with Mel which was awesome and hanging out with the Glyos crew was icing on the cake. That 16 Handles frozen yogurt place is awesome. Looking forward to seeing what new stuff you're gonna have for sale, been far too long since I got some new Callgrim parts.

Wait a second: is that a pig wearing a hat that you took a photo of?? O_o..

JediCreeper said...

I always love seeing you guys. it was really cool meeting your son, and I look forward to another food crawl soon!

actually... I need to get my ass out to mass so I can hang with you guys in your home turf